About US

  • To establish the institute as the best in the world and this will be achieved through our  dedicated work  and eminent teaching professionals.
  • To provide a different educational system where the students can learn the technology in a practical environment and thereby enriching the knowledge of our students.
  • We not only focus on technology but also empower the students by cultivating out box thinking on them.
Quality education

  • Ensures that its course curriculum is as per the needs of the industry & is always kept updated.
  • Carries out regular training & certification of faculty to ensure that they are able to handle all advanced IT topics.
  • Supports classroom teaching with assignments and workshops
  • Conducts Workplace Skills training for the students to help them get better job placements.
More than 500 students have successfully completed  course from our Institute

Our Logo & Motto

The Logo of our institute is” a plant from a seed” which indicates that a life of a huge forest is hidden behind a small seed, the seed spreads throughout the whole world through pollination. Likewise each student of FemtoSoft is a seed which develop as a great tree in future and would spread out the fruits of knowledge throughout the  world.


 Institute is having Well-equipped laboratory to support all students to shape their career. The Institutes are strategically located at prominent location well connected with all modes of transport.  The environment at the Institute is healthy, innovative, and research-oriented.

IT Courses Offered By FemtoSoft Computer Education

1) Software Training
2) Corporate Training.
3) Project handling and training.

                  We focus on the procession that create and maintains software application by applying technologies and practices from project management, engineering, application domains and other fields to provide Training, Human Resources, Software/IT development services to client organizations.

                  The training division of FemtoSoft  is well known for offering specialized software courses according to the IT/Software industrial requirements. We commit to make you an IT savvy technologist and not just software professional.

Our training methodology is based on a solid theoretical knowledge and practical demonstration through stimulated modules which enables the trainees to gain technical knowledge in real life situations.

                    Lecturers in the classes are supplemented by high projects and hands on experience, presented by technical staff, involving student presentations which are held at regular intervals to further improve managerial communication and soft professionals by offering many high end courses in IT.

                     The company is committed to bring in new technological solutions that make an impact on every student of FemtoSoft . Also the materials for the new technologies are being imported from abroad to provide an hi-fi learning environment.